How do I get my radio repaired?

    First contact me via email and tell me what type of radio you have and the symptoms.  Be as specific as possible so I can get back with you with accurate information.

What if I don’t hear back the next day?

    Wait at least ten days before sending again.  I am on the road frequently and receive many emails regarding radios.

How long will it take once I send it to you?

    As with many things it depends, but most are out in a couple of months.  This is a hobby for me.

What will it cost?

    Depends, but most repairs will be less than $100 plus return shipping and insurance.

So, you’ve told me to send it to your address...

    Yes, and I have also told you to be sure to pack it securely and include all your contact information.  I have received radios that were packed only with packing peanuts and arrived with bent or broken tuning or volume shafts.  This is bad and in some cases cannot be repaired because I may not have a donor radio.  I have also received radios without contact info.  This sometimes becomes difficult because I have to scour email to associate emails with radio when the mailing address is a UPS drop-off.

What do you do to the radios?

    After performing an initial diagnosis I generally replace the faulty filter capacitors, cut wires, and any other component to restore it to operation then align, if necessary, for optimum performance.  After it is restored to proper operation, I clean and lubricate the internal tuning components and polish the tuning window before reassembly.  After reassembly, I clean, polish, and possibly paint the knobs, pushbuttons and faceplate.  After all these items are reassembled I ensure all the pushbuttons operate and run the radio for eight hours on my bench before declaring it operational.  You will then receive a picture of the radio on my bench with the requested repair/shipping cost.

What if I want to buy one of your radios?

    Let me know who you are and what you are looking for.  A note that says “I want this, how much?” with no name will probably not get a response.

Do you offer a warranty?

    Absolutely.  I stand behind my work and offer a six month warranty and support for as long as I’m doing this.

Why do your radios cost more than what I can get on eBay or Craig’s List?

    My radios are guaranteed to work and include the proper knobs and faceplate if required. 

Why do you prefer email?

    As mentioned before, I’m frequently traveling on business and an email allows me to answer when I’m able.

Do you repair radios other than Sapphires?

    Yes, but it depends...  I have repaired a number of Blaupunkts, Motorolas and Automatics as well.  The problem is that my donor pile for spare parts consists mostly of Bendix and Motorola Sapphire radios.  If your Blau or other radio has a faulty switch or other non-electrical component, I don’t have a replacement.

Speaking of other radios, will you look at my Philco?

    I have the schematics for most radios up to the mid ‘70s.  I will not accept a radio without the Sams or OEM technical manual or OEM schematic.

My radio has a vibrator... what is that?

    A radio vibrator is an electro-mechanical device that allows the direct current voltage from your car to be increased to a level required for the tubes in your radio.  The Blaupunkt radios generally have a 5-pin while the Motorola uses a 4-pin unit.  Many I receive are bad but not all.  I recommend that you replace the original with a modern solid-state unit if possible.  These cost me $30 - $40.

My Bug has been converted to 12-volt but I want the original radio, can you convert my radio?

    It depends, (sound familiar?) I’ve added a solid-state voltage dropper to some radios.  Others depend on the current draw and design of the radio, most Blaupunkts are 6/12-volt.  If you are handy with a soldering iron, they are not difficult to make.

Will you modify my radio for an iPod® or other audio input?

   No.  These are classic radios and are best left unmodified.  I do recommend the RediRad™ solution from Brew City Engineering. It’s a 6 or 12-volt adapter that will allow you to use your portable FM, CD, MP3, iPod®, cassette or satellite receiver with your original radio without any modification.  Go to my RediRad™ page for detailed information.