Dub~Tunes Website Under Construction

The original website was written in a couple of weekends using a long orphaned program called iWeb which would then publish to a free Apple hosting site.  Those days ended and I established a domain, vwradios.com, and site hosted on MacHighway where it has sit for many years.

Because of the age of the iWeb software and my busy schedule I did not update the site for many years but would still receive numerous emails about it and questions about radios.  The iWeb software no longer runs on my newest Mac and because of its age the site has become a target of malicious software causing redirects.  You may have seen this when trying to access it these last few months.  

I first attemped to recreate the original site using EverWeb which, while possible, did not take advantage of all the new tools available so this is a complete update.  I will include all the previous information concerning radios and add to that.  


I have been repairing and selling radios to VW enthusiasts for quite a number of years now.  It has been an enjoyable hobby and I have come in contact with many in the VW community.  Since fully retiring I have been riding and wrenching on my classic BMW motorcycles and cannot spend the amount of time with radios as I used to.  I am not accepting any more radios for repair as I refurbish the ones in my stock to offer for sale.  Feel free to contact me with questions regarding radios or a request to purchase.  While I do have many radios, the proper faceplates (especially for AM/FM) and some knobs are not available.