About Me...

I’m Nick Stokes; no, not that guy from CSI Las Vegas, I’m the one who likes air-cooled Volkswagens, vintage BMW motorcycles and repairs radios.  The pictures above show me with my Bugs and motorcycles.  The top left was actually taken in 1982 on a trip to  Berlin through East Germany while I was stationed in Bremerhaven West Germany.

After my 28 years and 4 months active duty in the US Air Force it was time to retire and find something to do with my time.  As a USAF-trained electronics technician, I knew a few things about electronics and started to look into who fixed radios for classic cars.  I found out that there were some folks out there, but most repair businesses do not want to deal with troubleshooting and repair and those that do have to charge enough to make it a living.  Fortunately I don’t rely on it for a living but it had to fit in my extra time.

So...  I decided to start collecting test equipment, Sams Photofacts and VW radios.  This led me to contact Brad Claussen who was repairing VW radios but was leaving it; and it just so happens he lives near my Mother’s house in southern Wisconsin.  After some emails he sold me his stock of radios and provided some Sams schematics.  Because of Brad and my VW friend Tom Tucker who scoured various swap meets and schooled me on classic VWs, I began to repair VW radios.

After a number of years repairing and selling VW radios to the community the time has come to wind it down.  I will not be accepting any more radios for repair as I prepare radios in my stock to sell.  The web site and email address will remain active for the time being and I will gladly answer questions and requests for radios.